Benefits of Setting Up Video Marketing Campaigns for business

With the advent of the internet and social media, digital marketing has gained more prominence than ever. With digital marketing strategies on the rise. With each passing day, more businesses have started adopting this strategy to boost the reach of their brand.

Nevertheless, video marketing campaigns have allowed businesses to acquire organic traffic, thus reaching their targeted audiences. This is to say that video content has become an essential part of the current digital marketing scenario. Owing to this, consumers are expecting more video media while browsing through various online products and services.

Therefore, businesses are taking the initiative to conform to the consumers’ demands and working towards creating video content. Approximately 89% of marketers make the best use of video editor tools. The marketers have revealed that video marketing campaigns have generated significant ROI.

This article will provide further insights into the benefits of setting up video marketing campaigns. Check out how this marketing strategy can empower your business. Let’s get started!

Make the Most of Video Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Back in 1890, when moving images came into existence, people were fascinated and ecstatic beyond imagination. The introduction of the new source of entertainment left everyone awestruck, leaving them craving for more.

Like earlier times, consumers these days crave video content more than written ones. Videos are memorable, measurable, and easy to comprehend, making them perfect for creating short and engaging pieces that can benefit every business.

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More than 86% of consumers look forward to grasping more video content from all businesses. This excellent marketing strategy meets consumers’ demands and increases companies’ sales, market shares, and brand recognition. The technological advancements and worldwide internet coverage have considerably intensified the yearning for video content.

Learn the Benefits of Setting Up Video Marketing Campaigns

Businesses of all sizes significantly incorporate video marketing strategies to generate enormous revenues and enhance messages. Video is the most versatile medium for creating an entertaining and engaging story of the brand. However, it mainly emphasizes striking the emotional cords of consumers while establishing a connection with their products and services.

The combination of movement, color, sound, and storytelling formulates to deliver an impactful message. On the other hand, compelling textual content delivers punctuations, visual cues, and figurative language to develop a story. Thus, we can rightfully say that video content has the capability of bringing in more traction than textual content.

Research and studies reveal that approximately 72% of consumers prefer video content over textual marketing. The numbers undoubtedly exhibit a compelling story. These statistics highlight why numerous industries make the most of video marketing strategies.

Video marketing is essential whether you are a B2B or a B2C business. Some benefits of this phenomenal strategy are:

  • Grants People with Everything They Desire

People these days want everything decorated and organized on their plates. So most of them think it is a waste of time to go through newsletters, social images, emails, blog posts, etc. Thus, consumers expect more video content.

For instance, while consumers consider purchasing something, they conduct thorough research. So besides providing reviews for consumers to grow their trust, videos help promote your product more effectively. Therefore, incorporating video content will help convince your customers. 

  • Magnifies the Revenue

Studies have proved that businesses using video content are growing the company revenue by 49% more than those which don’t. Thus, video marketing campaigns work as a real boon for businesses across all sectors. 

  • Shoots Up the Rank in Browser Search Results

Businesses strategically including video content within their websites can magnificently improve the ranking of their website. The search engine results page determines the time each consumer spends on your page. This helps in figuring out the ranks within the Google search result. 

More than 80% of marketers have stated that videos have effectively bumped their sales and engagement. Business owners and marketers believe that video content has significantly increased the surfing time of consumers. Besides, 88% of users spend more time on websites that contain video content.

  • Strategically Affects the Purchasing Decisions

At least 90% of consumers believe that video content of products and services influences their purchasing decisions. It is because consumers can better understand the products they are looking forward to purchasing. Moreover, around 64% of consumers are likely to purchase only after watching a product video.

  • Acquires Greater Backlinks

Video marketing can create backlinks to the website of various businesses. So embedding videos into web pages triples up the average number of linking domains. 

  • Considerably Increases Organic Traffic

Video content can keep people hooked to their phone screens, thereby increasing organic reach. It has been found that marketers incorporating video content enjoy 41% more organic traffic from search than non-video users.

  • Enhances the Conversion Rates

Businesses that incorporate video content for their consumers receive 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher web conversion rates. On the other hand, brands that include video on landing pages will increase their conversion rates by 86%.

  • Generates Greater Shares

Video content is easy to share as it holds on to the interest of human psychology. Research and studies state that video contents generate more shares than textual ones. Approximately 83% of consumers look forward to sharing video content with their friends.

Role of Social Media in Video Marketing

Video contents of various businesses get shared daily through numerous social networking sites. The brand product videos being shared on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, help magnify the views and brand visibility.

There is no doubt that social media plays a crucial role in effective video marketing.

To Conclude

With endless benefits, it is clear that video marketing campaigns help power businesses. Thus, video is a versatile and vital component of any marketing plan. 

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