Home Study: How to study from home effectively During Covid19

Home Study: Universities are closed until further notice due to coronavirus infection

If you are one of those persons who often wonder how people can effectively make the home study possible with wide and varied chances for distraction.

Studying from home has its perks: it is a comfortable, low-pressure environment.

However, there are some reasons why studying at home can be difficult; With so much distraction, procrastination is easy when you start.

Social media, TV, feeling sleepy, etc., are big distractions that will take you away from your goal of studying or finishing that particular day’s task.

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For several reasons, you may not see yourself as motivated or productive.

Some of you may also be struggling with anxiety related to COVID-19, but also academic stress.

 Home study requires a stronger than usual willpower to focus and to try and follow real strategies in this new learning environment.

Tips on how to make a home study effective

Stick to the schedule

Set a time when you wake up and allocate structured work time each day and prioritize it.

If you do not set a routine for yourself, you may end up spending your day without accomplishing anything.

Also plan time to avoid studying, but make sure you know when it is time to stop all other activities.

Have a dedicated study area

Creating a physical boundary between your study area and your leisure area can help a lot when focusing while studying from home. This will help you to keep your academic stress to the study space.

Eat properly

Don’t forget to eat! Your body (and your brain) need fuel to stay in top shape. Also, it can be difficult to focus as your stomach grows.

Take healthy snacks while you study, but make sure they are prepared in advance so you do not spend too much time on your work.

Staying away longer means more chance of distraction!

Create a timetable

You can manage your time, schedule your break by making a proper timetable if you have multiple subjects to study.

Write down your schedule so that you can remember and refer to it often. Set reasonable limits on how much time you can spend studying each day and divide the time you can conduct your study session.

Prepare  a study plan and share it with others

Write down what you need to achieve in the next 3 days and divide them into smaller tasks to complete each day. Dividing a big task into smaller parts will help you get things done less and get more motivated to get them done!

Get out of daily work

Take care of daily tasks before starting your study session to avoid interruptions or to be distracted by an incomplete to-do list.

Getting out of work makes it much easier to focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, you can look forward to relaxing when your study time is over rather than scaring the tasks you need to complete.

Beat distraction

If you are a person who often succumbs to the temptations of going into social media or texting your friends, you should do your best to know how to stop your phone bait.

For some, turning off your phone and putting it somewhere in another room is an effective enough way to stop it from getting in the way of your study.

Keep yourself healthy

Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and stick to three meals a day. If you are at home, try making lunch or dinner a family meal.

Eating healthy snacks can improve your ability to study suddenly if you do not get enough exercise each week.

Caffeine is a savior for some, but it is best to avoid repeatedly drinking large amounts of energy drinks or coffee. You don’t like to stay awake in bed all night with sleep deprivation.

Leisure time is important

Even if you are a person who likes to be empowered by your work for hours, your study will be more effective if you interleave study activities and it is better if you take regular breaks.

Social interaction during your leisure time can benefit you emotionally and make you feel less lonely.

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