Careers in Agriculture Food and Natural Resources

Careers in agriculture, food, and natural resources include work to produce food, plants, animals, textiles, wood, and crops.

The quality and safety of food are improved, cultivation of crops, conserving our natural resources, and caring for animals.

This career path is divided into seven ways

Agribusiness careers in agriculture systems

The path of agribusiness systems includes occupations, plant and animal products, and other natural resources that coordinate all activities that contribute to the production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural goods.

Agribusiness uses technologies that use satellite systems, computer databases, biotechnology, and many other methods to increase efficiency and profitability.

Animal system

An  Animal system involves occupations related to raising and caring for animals and developing more efficient ways of producing and processing meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Workers study genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and care of pets.

animal systems

Animal care workers train, feed, water, groom, bathe, exercise the animals. They also clean, disinfect, and repair their cages.

Environmental service systems

Ecosystem services include jobs involved in water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health issues.

The work includes hazardous-waste management, research, and quality control.

They design municipal sewage and industrial sewage systems. They analyze scientific data, research environmental projects, and conduct quality control inspections.

Food Products & Processing Systems

 Food products and processing systems include occupations involved in mass food production, the discovery of new food resources, food analysis, and the development of ways to process, preserve, package or store food according to consumer needs.

food processing systems

They create new food products to meet the needs of consumers and inspect food-processing areas to meet sanitation, safety, quality, and waste management standards.

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Natural resource systems

Individuals working in the path of Natural Resource Systems do a wide variety of tasks, from helping to develop, maintain and maintain the forest and natural environment to capturing and trapping a wide variety of marine life for human consumption, fodder, bait, and other uses.

Work can be related to recreation, wildlife, conservation, mining, logging, or oil drilling.

Plant Systems

People who work on the Plant Systems Pathway study plants and their growth. It helps growers of food, feed, and fiber crops to a growing population while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Individuals along this path also develop ways to improve crop nutritional value and seed quality. The work may include nutritional analysis or genetic engineering.

Power, Structural & Technical Systems

Workers in electrical, construction and, technical systems apply knowledge of engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, energy, structures, and controls to the agricultural sector.

They design machinery and equipment along with farm structures. Ways to conserve soil and water are developed and improves the processing of agricultural products.

  1. Agribusiness SystemsAgricultural economist Agricultural Credit Officer Agricultural Products Sales Representative Agricultural Products Purchasing Agent and Buyer Farm, Ranch Manager
2. Animal SystemsAnimal breeder, husband Animal geneticist Animal Nutritionist Zoologist Aquacultural Manager Poultry Manager
3. Environmental Service SystemsEnvironmental Compliance Inspector Environmental design and analysis technician Management of hazardous materials Recycling Coordinator Toxicologist Turf farmer
  4. Food Products and Processing Systems  Biochemist Food Scientist
5. Natural Resource SystemsEcologist Fish and the Game Officer Fisheries Technician Forest Manager, Forester Forest Technician Geological Technician Logging Equipment Operator Microbiologist Outdoor Recreation Guide Park Manager
6. Plant SystemsBotanist Certified Crop Advisor Harvester Custom Harvester Farm, Ranch Manager Farmer / Rancher Florist Florist store manager Nursery and Greenhouse Manager Ornamental Horticulturist Tree Surgeon Turf farmer
7.Power, Structural and Technical SystemsAgricultural Equipment Operator Farm Equipment Parts Manager Seller of farm equipment parts

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