Why do Corona or Covid patients lose Taste and Smell?

Once the corona enters our body, it uses the proteins and amino acids in our body to build up its army. Proteins in our body, Amino Acids, are used to make Glycin.

Glycine is a simple amino acid that can be obtained by hydrolysis of proteins. Sweet taste, it was one of the first amino acids to be separated from gelatin (1820).

Especially great sources are gelatin and silk fibroin.

Glycine is one of the so-called essential amino acids for mammals; That is, they can synthesize it from the amino acids serine and threonine, and other sources and do not require food resources.

Glycin is used to transmit signals from the spine to the brain. This means that the corona uses all the glycin in our body to increase its army.

Therefore, a person with coronary heart disease loses taste and smell when the signals do not go to the brain.

Why covid patients need oxygen?

After the body is completely depleted of glycine, it dies without even being able to take in oxygen.

If we do not send the proteins and amino acids needed to make glycin into the body, the corona will die.

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But, along with that we also die. So our body can fight the corona by making more glycin than necessary in the body.

How is the original Glycine made?

Although glycine is made naturally by the body, it can also be found in common foods such as meat, fish, dairy products, and legumes.

Foods high in this protein should provide the body with enough glycine to function healthily without the need for a glycine supplement.

Glycine supplements are made in powders or capsules, and powders are often added to food and beverages due to their naturally sweet taste.


Although glycine is a simple amino acid, it has complex functions and effects on the body.

It can block certain neurotransmitters that improve certain mental conditions, which can also stimulate neurotransmitters that cause muscle cramps and malignant brain hyperexcitability.

It is safe to take adequate amounts of food for short- and long-term use, however, the body usually receives the right amount of glycine from a varied, healthy diet.

It has many benefits for bones, tissues, muscles, and the central nervous system and is one of the most important non-amino acids in the body.

What kind of food should we take for that?

Ingredients used to make glycin should be taken at least 20 gm to 50 gm per day.
Uses for making Glycin: –

  1. Amaranth leaves
  2. Mustard
  3. Sesame Seeds
  4. sweet neem
  5. Moringa Leaf
    For Vitamin “C”:
  6. Lemon
  7. Usiri

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