Why is White Smoke Coming from My Exhaust?

White smoke coming from your car’s exhaust is a sign that something has gone wrong inside the engine. This could be anything from a small, but a fixable problem to a major expense.

To determine the cause of the white smoke, start by checking your oil level. If it is low, adding oil may solve your problem.

White Smoke From Car Exhaust

White Smoke Coming from My Exhaust

White smoke coming from a car exhaust is usually harmless, yet startling. White smoke is mostly the result of condensation build-up in the exhaust system, which burns out rather quickly.

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When these white puffs are seen on cold mornings, it can be alarming to think that the vehicle is on fire.

However, this is often not the case, and white smoke should stop after 10 or so minutes. If it doesn’t, then there may be another problem with the vehicle.

Reasons for White Smoke Coming from Exhaust?

White Smoke Coming from My Exhaust

There are a few possible reasons as to why white smoke is coming from your car’s exhaust.

  • One possible reason is that the catalytic converter is burning off oil, which could signify a serious underlying issue with the vehicle.
  • Another reason that white smoke can come from a car’s exhaust is that it may be caused by a cracked engine head gasket. This could mean that there is excess air in the combustion process.
  • One of the most common causes of this problem is coolant entering the combustion chamber and not getting burned off by the engine.

How to Stop White Smoke from Exhaust?

In order to avoid the white smoke from your car exhaust, start by checking your engine oil.

If it is low, fill up with a quart of new oil and let it run for a few minutes before shutting down. Next, check your air filter for any blockages or clogs.

If you suspect a clog in the filter, remove it and have a professional have a look at them.

White smoke is often an indication of a coolant leak. The best way to determine if it is a liquid or gas leak is to check the fluids reservoir and make sure it is filled appropriately.

If the liquid levels are correct, then you may need to replace some parts of your engine.


White smoke coming from your exhaust may indicate that there are small leaks in the exhaust manifold or cylinder head. If your car is leaking oil, then it is likely that you also have damaged rings on the pistons.

White smoke coming from your car’s exhaust could signal an issue with one of the many parts of the engine.

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