Bohemianism: The Modern Bohemian Lifestyle to explore more about

In today’s modernity, you can call people who are Bohemian Lifestyle “boho chic”. Bohemians are known for their colorful designs, passion for eclectic beauty and natural wanderers.

It is more than leather wallets and fringe shoes.

One way to recall gypsy in France in the 19th century was by the Bohemians. Now Bohemians are gaining wide popularity among the modern culture and society.

In today’s modern world, with Facebook and everything else, they see bohemianism as a person who leads extraordinary and artistic lives.

A way of life that embraces a life filled with freedom of music, art, literature and possession.

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The modern bohemian lifestyle is popular because it contradicts everything we hate, but over the years we have learned to accept.

There are many “truths” that we learn as we grow up, but who wants to live their lives like a machine?

Going to school, get a job, make money and become rich, then die. This is not the way to experience our planet.

What does it mean to live a bohemian lifestyle?

If you keep an eye on the Queen song, it’s time to give you a crash course in bohemianism. Lifestyle includes spirituality, ideology and theology.

The term “bohemian” was first used in 19th-century France to describe gypsy travelers from Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic.

As more and more people began to use the term, it developed to describe the gypsy lifestyle rather than where they came from.

Of course, there aren’t many gypsies left, especially not in Southern California, so why do we hear the term so often?

Well, in our Facebook and Cronets era, bohemianism is used to describe those who lead extraordinary, artistic lives.

The modern Bohemian lifestyle is replete with music, art and literature – a way of life that embraces a free theory of possessions.

The term bohemian can also be used to describe things that are cheap, unusual, and considered odd by many.

Characteristics of Bohemian lifestyle

You will not find your average bohemian around signature bags or the latest iPhone. Instead, they love to explore our green planet while freeing themselves from the physical chains that bind others.

Bohemian lifestyle

Many bohemians deviate from the norm when it comes to their fashion sense. Environmentalism and anti-establishment ideologies are also crucial to the bohemian lifestyle.


Bohemians prefer to live in habitats with strong freedom of expression. Bohemian communities can still be seen sprouting in areas with low cost of living.

Most bohemians do not have much money because of their antimeterialistic lifestyle, exposing fair areas especially to benevolent invasions.

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Order in Chaos

Bohemianism is the polar opposite of the daily routine. Bohemians lead a nomadic lifestyle full of art, surprises and adventures. They hate the routine and don’t care what others say about the path they have chosen.

Go against the grain, but eat

Bohemians are often associated with sex, alcohol and drug abuse, there is one area where they can take a healthy path – diet.

You will find that many bohemians stick to a vegetarian diet and keep an eye on their weight. Two common reasons why bohemians go vegan are environmental protection and increased energy.

Since many Bohemians have a deep admiration for mother nature, it is not surprising that they refrain from eating innocent farm animals.

While Bohemians often oppose the limit, they draw the line when things like eating meat harm the earth and the creatures that live on it.

The second reason why bohemians go vegan is to get more energy. Bohemians want to express themselves, explore the world and follow many crafts, so keeping their power levels at the top is a must.

Intellectual pacifism

Most people think otherwise bourgeois, most bohemians are actually well read.

They spend their time studying philosophy, recreating art and reading anything they can get their hands on.

Many Bohemians spend their lives creating paintings, writing novels or composing music. This is not a very lucrative lifestyle for most people and as a result many people call them poor.

Even if they do not perform well financially, you can not doubt that they are great in knowledge.

Anachronistic bohemian fashion

As we covered above, bohemians rarely seem to live in wealth, so they wear old clothes.

Modern bohemian lifestyle woman with rings and shawl

While they rarely buy the newest clothes, they still express their fashion style. They are often attracted towards bold colors, which help them to stand out from the monotonous rhythm of society.

Bohemian lifestyle

The bohemian style is often associated with other gypsy and hippie elements.

You will find girls wearing colorful, floral dresses and two-size maxi skirts, while their male counterparts wear T-shirts, hoodies and ripped jeans – Ed Sheeran with pockets is definitely worth noting.

Bohemian outfits are easy to spot because of all the accessories that go with them.

It transforms Bohemian fashion into a fashion designer’s playground with all the layering possibilities. Bohemian costumes are simple, maintaining a unique character Boho style and more.

Being bohemian in the digital age

Felt hat, fringe shoes, boho crossbody bag, kaftan, colorful poncho and brown boho purse can be adapted and restored forever, but in this digital age it is hard to find a bohemian spirit.

These days, artists and poets living in the Bohemian mind disrupt the high society view of “art”.

They are often out of money because they live outside the box for nine to five. They explore avant-garde, strange, unusual and all sorts of ugliness to move the world and open its borders.

Living a bohemian lifestyle is not just a style, but its a way of life.

Bohemians live the way they want to. They do not care about their own routine, wealth, social norms or the judgment of others.

Many call them bums, burdens and many more names, but that doesn’t change the fact that we can all learn something from bohemians our age.

Bohemianism reminds us of what it once was in childhood, but lost in adolescence.

There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of success and financial stability, but it is important not to sacrifice our creativity, curiosity and everything else, and it makes us happy to chase things that society says haunt us.

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