Winter Hair Care: How to take care of your hair in winter at home

Winter Hair Care: Protect Your hair from exposure to Sun, Pollution, Rainwater, and Dust, as they can make the hair dry, brittle, and limp.

So, try to protect the hair and if it is exposed to rain or dirt, it is mandatory to wash it on the same day.

Cold weather can be really hard on your hair. This makes the hair brittle, making them more prone to breakage and split ends.

Winter Hair Care

It slows down the natural brightness and the color fades. Avoid winter-induced bad hair days by learning how to care for your hair in cold weather.

Protect your hair from pollution, rainwater, and dirt by not exposing it too much to the sun. It makes the hair dry, brittle, and limp.

winter hair care

So, try to protect the hair as much as possible and if it is exposed to rain or dirt, it is a must wash the same day.

Winter makes our skin and hair drier and due to the lack of moisture in the air. So the first step is to give your hair a good dose of moisture to survive in this cold climate. The best source is hot oil treatments.

Hot oil treatments play a major role in maintaining moisture in this harsh environment.

Less washing

Winter is a great time to train yourself to give longer between each hair wash. Use hats and scarfs to maximize those limits.

You will thank yourself when the warm weather returns.

Dry your hair thoroughly: It is not a good idea to go out with wet hair. Cold air makes wet hair more prone to breakage and the color fades quickly.

Allow time for the hair to dry completely before stepping out.

Hot Treatment

Giving steam to the hair(using towel dipped in warm water)  before hair wash helps you in maintaining your hair in winter.

It helps in the opening of hair follicles which helps in absorbing nutrients.

Using a shampoo with more chemicals will keep your skin dry by removing the natural oil and this can lead to excessive hair fall.

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Therefore, it is very important to use mild shampoos as the season changes.

Remember to condition your hair, as they help in making hair soft and smooth.

Avoid taking hot showers: Prolonged washing of your hair with hot water can cause the hair to become dry and messy, which can lead to hair loss and hair loss.

You can add a few drops of vitamin E capsule to your capsule the enhance the growth and shine of your hair.

Hair rinsers also a good option to consider. For this,  you can use the soaked fenugreek seeds water.

Use serum/Argan oil to avoid weighing down your hair and to protect it from breakage. Wide-tooth combs also help you in this regard.

Opening your hair or trying different hairstyles that are too tight should be avoided this season. Styles with little braids can help you in maintaining the hair.

Role of Diet

You need to follow a good diet to increase hair growth and maintain hair quality during these changing times. Include proper & healthy hair and proper nutrients, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals to help reduce hair fall.

Include Vitamin A, B, C, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium in your diet for your healthy hair.

role of diet

Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits. Drink plenty of water/fluids to keep yourself hydrated from inside.

Limit the consumption of coffee/tea/tobacco. These habits can make your hair more frizzy and unhealthy.

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