5 Best Jeep Wrangler Light Bars for 2021

Best Jeep Wrangler Light Bars: Lightbars are a popular choice of auxiliary lighting for 4 × 4 drivers and Off-roading enthusiasts. Light Bar’s benefit is undeniable, especially for those who take night driving, off-road, or in rural areas daily.

A walk-through in the market is a must when choosing a light bar for your Jeep, in fact, it can be anything but, full of market options.

If you are careful in choosing the perfect product and want to make sure that anything you buy is worth the money, read on for my guide to choosing the best light bar for Jeep Wrangler. My reviews about the 5 most popular LED light bars I have selected on Amazon are also provided to help you narrow down your options.

Simply put, the best Jeep wrangler light bar for you can meet your needs, be it performance, flexibility, longevity, or budget.

Best Jeep Wrangler Light Bars Reviews 2021

Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick: LED Light Bar Kit Auto feel 52 Inch + 22 Inch + 4PCS 4Inch

Receive high-class LED chips. It can be used as a daytime driving light (DRL). Incandescent light signal light also.

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Best Seller: Rough Country 30″ Black Series Single Row CREE LED Light Bar

These sleek, light bars provide enormous lighting power in a stylish, modern frame. Multiple options to mount your light where you need it and it is a universal fit.

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Most Durable: OEDRO LED Light Bar 52 Inch 758W

This OEDRO features a 52-inch light bar and a 4-inch light pod with triple row LED chips that give 6000k white light.

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Most Economical: LEDKINGDOMUS 300W 52 inches Light Bar

This YITAMOTOR light bar has high-intensity LEDs that produce 27,000 Lumens. These LEDs have a 12V current draw with an average lifetime of 50000 hours using an operating voltage of 10v-60v DC.

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Deal: 4WDKING 50” 250W Combo Light Bar

Screwless designed in the USA: equipped with superior Osram LEDs instead of inferior. Advanced combo spot and flood beam provide wide and far view and stunning visual effects, ensuring your driving safety

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LED Light Bar Kit Auto feel 52 Inch + 22 Inch + 4PCS 4Inch

This is the Jeep Wrangler Light Bars Kit, which auto feel OSRAM chips 52 “and 22” flood spot beam white LED light bars 32000 lumens, 4 “LED light pods combo 6000K four pieces boat you can use for your Jeep Wrangler and Ford truck.

You can receive OSRAM LED chips that can be used as a daytime running light (DRL) from the kit.

The included spot and combo beam light guarantee you a bright and panoramic view. When driving at night, the beautiful and spacious viewing mode keeps you safe because you can easily avoid the glossy various road accidents of the road.

When purchasing any product, you are always looking for a long-lasting product that does not incur replacement costs. IP68 and Excellent Material This Jeep Light is durable because it is water and dust-proof. The IP68 rating allows you to drive on heavy rains without any damage due to corrosion. Excellent material works best in electrical conductivity and provides resistance to high temperatures.

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Driving takes different directions and angles, so you need a Jeep light that can be adjusted with the drive edge. This Jeep light works well here because you can change it at 0/15/90/180 degrees.

This LED light bar kit gives you a 52-inch light bar, four 4-inch pads, and an easy mounting bracket to make the mounting process easier.

You may also like to hear about Light-emitting Diodelite Barquit and 3-year warranty of lifetime customer support.

Rough Country 30″ Black Series Single Row CREE LED Light Bar

Rough Country 50 ”LED light bar mounts feel strong and sturdy. Although I’m not that easy, I’m surprisingly easy to install them. Make no mistake, and they are still firmly attached to my jeep, impressive as always.

The disadvantage of these mounts is that they are dry-coated, which means that rust and corrosion can be a problem. However, I don’t particularly think this is a big issue. No issues, paint chips, or losses yet for that matter, I’m been over half a year now. I think we can safely attribute the thicker metals inside to the hard, durable coat that is the casing.

These fit most Jeep Wrangler light bars I bought, leaving enough room for wiring.

OEDRO LED Light Bar 52 Inch 758W

The OEDRO light bar releases an amazing cool white light beam (6000K) for daytime effect and helps to increase my concentration on the road, which is much needed when driving at night. I especially like the design of the tri-row LED chips. There are no significant differences between triple and double row designs, as it largely depends on the wattage. Having an extra row of LED chips makes the light bar more reliable if some of the chips burn out and become less bright on the line.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with two additional light pods, each outputting 1600 lumens, which is an excellent value for the money I spent. The only problem with the current setup is that I can’t operate the light pads separately from the LED light bar. The power module requires a minor modification but has an easy solution. If you know someone easily or not, it should not be too challenging.

Another drawback of this product is that you will find many people echoing this sentiment on the internet, it makes a whistling noise while I drive, which can be embarrassing. This noise is created when the air goes under the bar and sweeps through the cooling fins. There are many ways you can help prevent or reduce this problem, which I will touch on in a later article.

LEDKINGDOMUS 300W 52 inches Light Bar

LEDKINGDOMUS 52 ”light bar produces extremely bright light, which really goes a long way (pans are not intended). Designs To increase visibility while driving at night, it is difficult to find defects in this product.

However, it is not without flaws. The combo of flood and spotlights placed under a casing does not allow me to operate them individually. This has proven to be uncomfortable on the campground, where I am often surrounded by campers and self-conscious to drive in the intense spotlight. In that case, the floodlight was enough for me to set up my tent and set up camp in the dark. Most LED light bars with combo beam designs exhibit the same problem.

There are so many things to like about. But most of all was its stubbornness towards the elements, which withstood many spots of rain and dust storms. Freezing is not a problem. With its relatively low IP rating (compared to many others), this is an amazing surprise.

The case has some paint chips and scratches, however, the number of rough terrains I have traveled and the great protection it gives to the interior is not a big issue for me.

4WDKING 50” 250W Combo Light Bar

There is a lot to like about this LED light bar, with its high-quality CREE® LED chips, one of the most well-known brands on the market. They have maintained their reputation so far, releasing bright light when I first bought it a year ago.

The only disappointment with this light bar is that it only has a single row of LED chips. Having previously used dual and tri-row LEDs, it is difficult to go back to the basics. However, its high lumens output and relatively low wattage are still far more effective than its double and triple-row counterparts.

The housing is IP68 and IP69K certified, which is the next level of resistance. Rains, dust storms, and other extreme weather conditions are not yet challenging.

But in saying that, there is no such exposure to the elements without taking a toll on this light bar. I can notice a subtle yellow color on the lens, but this is common with many other light bars that have been subject to similar conditions for a long time.

Regular care and maintenance are all I need to restore to its pristine condition.

Another drawback to this product is that it has nothing to do with its quality, it does not come with its own wiring kit. I personally have to at least offer such a component a good product pack. While this may not always be a must for interested customers, beginners may find it difficult to put a kit on their own.

Final Thoughts

The light bar is an upgrade for you in the night driving, off-road, or in rural areas. Choosing the best light bar for a Jeep Wrangler depends largely on your needs and budget.

The reviews and purchase guide provided above will be very useful when it comes time to decide who to go with you on subsequent trips.

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