Simple Home Made Tips to Make Your Nose Slimmer

The slimmer nose seems to be the focal point of our face. It quickly catches people’s attention.

The slimmer nose attracts more attention compared to any other facial features. Few people are interested in a slimmer nose where a majority of the people are satisfied with the shape of their nose.

The nose is a very challenging area to reshape or exercise.

It is not important to undergo surgery to achieve a thinner nose.

The nose can be made to look perfect in many ways. You can use makeup, do these simple exercises regularly to get a perfectly shaped nose.

Exercises to Get a Slimmer Nose

  • Shortening the Nose

This simple exercise will not only help shape your nose, it will make it look smaller, but will also prevent cartilage atrophy.

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  • Place the index finger on the tip of your nose and press it gently.
  • Now,  using your nose,  press down on the finger.
  • Repeat this exercise 2-3 times.
  • Massage

Toning the muscles of your face and especially the area around the nose can be effective with regular massaging the nose.

You may notice that the shape of your nose becomes more steep and sharp over time. Also, it can be of great benefit to patients with sinus or migraine.

nose massage
  • Using your fingertips, massage in a circular motion with 2 drops of olive oil.
  • Starting from the area around the bridge, move to the sides of your nose.
  • Do this for 3-5 minutes every day to get the expected results.
  • Breathing

Yoga and Exercises give great importance to breathing exercises. There are many benefits to inhaling and exhaling deeply and one of them is shaping your nose.

  • Sit comfortably. Block one nostril, inhale through another nostril and, hold for four seconds.
  • Then, block the other nostril and get rid of the nostril that you initially blocked.
  • Exercise by blocking the other nostril.
  • Regular breathing lowers and sharpens your nose.
  • Nose wiggling

All you have to do is move your nose, making sure your face is perfect.

Do this a few times a day for best results.

It’s more of a muscle-building than an exercise that redesigns. But it definitely helps to strengthen the nasal muscles and sharpens the nose.

  • Smile exercise

Regular smile exercise is enough to keep your nose shape straight.

You need to laugh out loud to widen the muscles of the lips and push your nose up. You feel like the sides of your nose are stretched.

Focus on the muscles and do it for at least 5 minutes every day. You can do more if you like, but 5 minutes is the minimum time you need to do it.

Make sure you practice diligently and have a lot of patience. When you are working as challenging as the nose, it definitely takes time to show results.

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