Eggnog While Pregnant: Can Pregnant Women Drink Eggnog?

Eggnog While Pregnant: It seems that everyone is stocking up on eggnog this winter.

Making a batch for the holidays to enjoy with friends and family, or even trying it for the first time, but what about pregnant women?

Does drinking eggnog during pregnancy have any negative side effects? This article will explore some of the risks involved if a pregnant woman decides to drink eggnog while pregnant.

A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study concluded that consuming one cup of eggnog per day during the third trimester increases a woman’s risk of developing gestational diabetes by 27 percent.

Why is Eggnog Dangerous to drink while pregnant?

Eggnog While Pregnant

Eggnog is a holiday drink that is made from eggs, cream, brown sugar, and usually alcohol. It is a popular drink that people enjoy during the holidays.

Most of the time it is safe to have some eggnog but drinking eggnog while pregnant can be dangerous.

Pregnant women should not drink eggnog at all because it can cause the baby to develop serious health problems and even birth defects.

There are many dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy that most people don’t know about.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which is not only disturbing to the baby, but it can also cause lifelong disabilities for the child.

Some other risks include miscarriage, low birth weight, and stillbirth.

Some women might be tempted to drink a few alcoholic beverages while pregnant because they have heard that it’s okay to have a glass of wine here and there.

Safety concerns regarding drinking eggnog while pregnant

Eating traditional eggnog during pregnancy has been deemed unsafe for the fetus due to the large amounts of raw eggs, powdered sugar, and alcohol in this drink.

The pregnant woman’s immune system is already compromised due to her changing hormones which can lead to an increased risk of food-borne illnesses.

Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to drink eggnog while pregnant.

What Are Some Alternatives to Drink While You’re Pregnant?

Pregnant women should be careful about what they are drinking because there are chemicals in the food that can affect the baby’s health.

Though eggnog is thought to be safe for adults to drink, it contains ingredients like alcohol and raw eggs which can pose health risks to pregnant women.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol during pregnancy because of the risks for the baby. There are alternatives that pregnant women can drink instead of alcohol.

Some alternatives to drink while pregnant are:

  • Soda: It is a good alternative and does not contain any calories (0).
  • Coffee: Coffee does contain caffeine but it is said that the fetus will not be harmed by it.
  • Meal replacement drinks: These drinks provide nutrition and keep you full for a longer time than just drinking juice or water.

Conclusion: Knowing the Dangers of Drinking Alcohol during a Pregnancy is Key if You Want Your Baby’s Health

Eggnog While Pregnant: Can Pregnant Women Drink Eggnog?

We all know how weird our bodies can get when we’re pregnant. We may get a little emotional, have trouble sleeping, and crave things we never would’ve imagined before. But there’s another side of pregnancy that many people aren’t aware of alcohol and how it can affect your baby.

Some women drink alcohol while they’re pregnant to try to calm their nerves or help them sleep. But we should know that there is no safe amount of alcohol when you’re pregnant. And the safest choice is not to drink at all while you’re expecting because all forms of alcohol can be risky for your baby’s health – even if you only drink occasionally during pregnancy.

There are three main types of eggnog, the two most common being dairy-based and vegan. Dairy-based eggnog is usually made with eggs, milk, cream, sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. Vegan eggnog is made without eggs or dairy products.

Vegan Eggnogs are typically also made with artificial sweeteners like agave nectar or maple syrup to replace the sugar.

This type of eggnog is easier to digest for those who are lactose intolerant. These drinks also contain hiccups that are vegan friendly like coconut milk or soy milk instead of cow’s milk that can upset an expecting mother’s stomach.

They’re often fortified with vitamin D and B12 because they lack the animal-based nutrients found in cow, they are alcohol free and safe.

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