9 Signs of a Narcissistic Woman

Narcissistic women lack sensitivity and empathy because of their fragile egos. Person with a narcissistic personality disorder thinks they're too important and superior.

She refuses to accept interpersonal boundaries

A narcissist disregards relationship boundaries. She enjoys putting you in awkward situations.

She takes pleasure in your pain

To boost her self-esteem, she insults others. She insults and criticizes to make you feel inadequate. She dismisses your success even when you tell her.

She tries to ruin your other relationships

A female narcissist wants to dominate you at any cost, therefore she separates you from your loved ones.

She talks only about herself

Narcissistic women love praising themselves. She exaggerates her accomplishments to develop a false self-image. 

She plays the victim card

Narcissistic women's hardships and sorrow are greater than others. She may not brag about her issues, but when you share yours, she makes herself look like a martyr.

She blames you for her mistakes

When something goes wrong, a narcissistic lady blames the other person. She never admits fault and always blames others.

She has no regard for your feelings

Narcissists lack empathy. They struggle to care for you. She complains that you're sick on the day she wants to see you. She manipulates you with guilt.

She is materialistic

A materialistic narcissist cherishes her looks and public image. Her affection ends with the perks. She avoids losers.

She withholds sex as a punishment

If a narcissistic woman feels betrayed, she'll punish you. Withholding sex is her technique of ensuring you won't make her feel unimportant or inferior.